At Tabernacle, we believe that kids matter! Tabernacle Kids Ministry is committed to partnering with families to influence and equip them in becoming life-long worshippers and missionaries that know and follow Jesus. Tabernacle Kids is part of our age-graded strategy to impact the next generation with the truth of the Gospel.

Tabernacle Kids strives to build and sustain programs that bridge a partnership between the church and parents through: Sunday School, Big Church Bridge, Worship and Missions (WAM), Preteen ministry, and many other special events. We provide a safe environment where all volunteers go through a background check and kids are released only to adults with the matching security sticker. 


Sunday School

Tabernacle Kids offers Sunday School classes for boys and girls using the Bible Studies for Life curriculum. Each week’s lesson helps children understand how Christ fits into the entire Gospel story, pre-creation to eternity. Children also learn how they fit into this story, too! Sunday School classes are offered for Kindergarten through 5th graders at 9:45 a.m. All volunteers are screened and go through a background check.

Big Church Bridge

Sunday mornings are the special time of the week when we can all gather as one Church family to worship God together. Kids experience worship as part of the morning service and learn how to participate for themselves by watching those around them. During the sermon, any kids are welcome to join us in the back of the worship center as we go to Big Church Bridge. The Bridge is a place for kids to hear a sermon designed with them in mind and on their level.

Worship and Missions

On Wednesdays at 6pm, kids in K4-5th grades are invited to join us as we focus our programs on the goal of equipping life-long worshippers and life-long missionaries. Kids will learn about missionaries throughout the world, discover ways they can be missionaries in their daily lives, and practice different ways to worship through singing, instruments, media, art, and more.

Preteen Ministry

Growing up is a fun yet difficult process. Tabernacle Preteen ministry is for those in 4th and 5th grades, ages 9-11. This stage is critical in the life of a child as they develop self-identity. Preteen ministry strives to help our students build their self-identity on Christ alone.

Sunday School and Wednesday classes are offered to give challenge and confidence in their knowledge of and relationship with God. Between school, friends, movies, sports, and social media there is much to distract preteens. Our ministry strives to teach our preteens to trust in the Lord more than anything else.


We would love for you to join us so we can worship and grow together! Please contact Felecia Dewing at [email protected]. Children in K4 – 5th grades participate in the above described programs. For babies through K3, we provide childcare and Sunday School classes on the 1st floor.


We strongly believe in establishing a safe and welcoming environment where your child is valued and finds their place as an important part of God’s family. Each of our children’s workers have been approved through a rigorous vetting process and have been trained to offer specialized care for their age group. To view our Children’s safety policy, click the button below.

Felecia Dewing

Minister to Children + Families